Two Planets

Two Planets

Show me moonlight on the sunrise
I've seen so many planets dancing
I've seen too many people hiding

Show me sunset and I won't forget
That I am one of two planets dancing
I am one of two planets dancing

Shallow man! Sign your name on my sun
The song of Solomon died in a battleground
The song of Solomon died in love's battleground

I am full shattered by these sinning time
For all your suffering by night
Oh warm, but under bright

Life is so much dark and light
Day can not exist without a night
And you are not seperate from me
I am a heart that's full of life
To be shared on this night
Feel my hands, feel my life
For the sun and the stars
Of my mother and my sisters

I know where the form is changing
I know that the stars will follow me...

Bat For Lashes - Two Suns
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