A Banca (Ratatá É Bicho Solto) (Tradução)

A Banca (Ratatá É Bicho Solto) (Tradução)
The Banking (Bicho Ratata It Loose) (Lyrics)
Tahi is now mine
It put gas and run, run
And with bro panic
We are the minority
But we go ahead
What life has taught me
I became a giant
Remarkable memory
I'm like,
I'm loose,
I give a olie,
I jump hydrant
And if you have to
It will be what comes
Car, damn, shit, woman
We tamo nóis there is scum, but we do not somo Joe Bloggs
We tamo nóis there is scum, but we do not somo Joe Bloggs
Whoever took good blood to get involved
Healthcare too has got to give and sell
The rap amuses me, do I travel in the world
God will do here in Brooklyn a shield
Over time, I saw where I am, who hesitated, skeleton
The men in black trigger finger, Click pleu
Brooklyn, where I was born Canão're cruel
Here I go forward and who was not involved
My party and I flinched who is promised
The environment is broken in my hot
Still faltered down the party's your problem
The crime is not a crime do not belong but I know
Is the law is respected and we also know that
Keeping the faith in God do not stop.
Charlie Brown may believe, this is the family RZO
Sabotage Broklin
South does rhyme.
Can you believe

Ra-tat-tat beast is loose
It is slightly longer part of the game
Every care is
Ra-tat-tat beast is loose
Believe Win Motto-can-accredited believed ta-

Sandrão here calls madmen
Believes others know the game
Confiscated here only wins who overcomes death
Occurs who engages is who is strong attitude brings luck only gives
Here the soft lock
Who runs the requirements involves not occurring in
periphery of the worst days in Latin America
How to serve a protective rap desinbaratina the periphery,

League is a corner who sees how discriminates thug life
manos, how many mines
Faith in that upstairs there thief that is the only alternative
Only serving hip-hop supports the strike
Good plague in our intelligence not exchange pig in a poke
Microphone check, click, cleck, clack, checkmate, checkmate!


But believe me Chorão
Pirituba is almost equal
Punk, funk, pagodeiro, RZO and Charlie Brown
Sound pretty cool Rational better yet talk of peace
God light graffiti
Favela cassava has appetite
See our peak in the humble boy who has?
Pula train station vai comes with nóis
Steady as Sandrão our voice, sings
Also glue in banking who is not dismayed
Discriminates the pampa holy ignorance
HC has to be equal and not limp bankroll boosts confidence
Hope is what dies not reprimand and makes a run on skateboard
Makes even the German ornament every day there longest trip in the park
I value art

Helião, every hand there in the park, the park has goose everywhere
Sabotage Mano said he would paste here later
You can believe what you know is
Our commitment is rap and I prefer without hesitation the responsa
I feel humble because then nobody reproaches me responsa
Helião spoke and true

It negrutil I know everything cu donkey fucks everything but a second,
I swear I'll rhyme

And I will show that it's in the air song for respect
The Champignom're involved and everyone's lowered
Only then you do smoke rapa
Let's release who understands and comprehends
Morale always forward, firmly total, not the ruler, God is
So who is humble and likes Charlie Brown RZO.

Chorus (2x)

Heart of bum hits the sole of the foot, skate in the vein of the cock in ass loser.

The Banking (Bicho Ratata It Loose) (Lyrics)
Charlie Brown Jr.111776
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