How To Build A Time Machine

How To Build A Time Machine
If I have understood correctly
Velocity equals the distance traveled
Divided by time
I've read every word ever printed
On quantum physics
And now it is time to try
I read your book, I found your note
I dusted this thing off and turned on
The key
The rumbling mountains
The buzzing incredible gadgets
The hissing electricity
And now the moment has come
I'm traveling bakc in time

They're right down the hall
I've started the countdown
They want me to stop
But I don't think so
I'm ready to go

Let's get the drop down
Beyond the paradoxical
All the lights are dazzling
Pass the planes, and trains, and satellites
And navigation
Pass the time I spent today
Through the nearest wormhole
In a stunning ball
Of white light
That explodes and lands on you

And you're five
Always running away
But I was dying to kiss you
And I
I don't want to cry
I don't want to see
Where the moving van takes you
So I travel on
Beyond the stars
At one hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second
I can fly forward a few years
To 1979
I caught a glimpse of the sky

They're coming down the road
They're coming to get me
I never should have come
I hide the time machine
I'm running down the hall
I think I'm in my old house

Pass the place where I grew up
Lake Road
Pass the swimming pool and neighborhood park
And pastor griffon's house
Out the back and down the road
To the place I got beat up