Hey Sexy

Hey Sexy
O fok! tjek die kind!... oh fuck! check dis chick!
Hey! hello baby!

Hey sexy! sexy!
Woop! woop! woop! woop!

I'm so bright my mama call me her son
Where I'm from shit's fucked so I bought me a gun
Our president talks wid a fuckin fork in his tongue
Beats banging in my head so I walk wid a bump
In my own zone, my sweet reality
Got fuckall 2 do wif yor bleak reality... nothing
In souf afrika I'm da boss of da game
In da overseaz shit's like fuckin insane
I'm walking down da street hot chicks calling my name
It's like I dropped a cap of acid and it's not going away
Since we dropped zefside 2 years ago
Still freak out every muddafukka who hears my flow
I know how 2 get da dough! know how 2 spend da dough
Rocking alexander wang from head 2 toe
Yo! suid afrika, fok ja!... fuck yeah!
Ninjaz here 2 save da muddafukkn day

Girl u looking fit!
Dat body'z legit!
Shake what your mama gave u baby!
Woop! woop! woop!
Hey sexy! sexy!
Woop! woop! woop!

Yo I'm a lazy arse, scruffy hair, outa bed stumbling...
Grumbling: where's my coffee?
Illegal cigarette smoking, mix it up wif da best dope den...
Get my head open!
Den I get da freekmode munchiez
I'm so famous dat da police don't bust me
Fok dis yolandi vi$$er! can I get yor autograph pleeez? fuck it's yolandi
Dat's right it's all about me!
I like partying! partying! partying! damn!
Ask my man alexander wang
I hang on da zefside of da train trax
Careful if u cum round u'll get dat gold chain snatched
Face smashed! brain bashed! car jacked!
Oh shit! brown streaks creeping up yor arse crack
Lelik! wen we fuck off, we drive fast ugly
Guys ask 4 my number coz I got a nice arse


Let's go do sum drugz man!
Uh... no fanx my brudda, ninja not a...
No brain having, cocaine jamming up my nose...
Brain spazzing paranoid muddafucka... nah
I got it going on girl
No longer signed 2 intocoke recordz
Dropped dem like a sack of bricks tied 2 my leg
Now I got dem wings on my anklez!
Bobaas boner blowing in da wind!... big boss boner
Arigato good smile! I'm glowing from within... thank u good smile
Hiphop's fucked! it's gone from: 'move bitch! get out da way! '
All da way 2: 'when I was 13... I took my 1st drugz'
What da fuck? cheese iz kaas!... cheese
Help me out, all I want iz 2 b surprized!
C'mon fuck wif me baby! fuck wif me baby!
Wat stink meer as a snoek? n fokken snoek se poes... what stinks worse
Than a fish? n fish's cunt
Ons issie antwoord!... we are the answer!
Haha! what's die vraag?... what's the question?
Kykie... laat ek jou wys maak, hies die vraag:.look here, let me make u
Wise, here's the question:
Hoe die fok het n lelike doos soos jy... how the fuck did a ugly cunt
Like u
Uit jou ma se mooi poes gelgly?.slide out your mom's pretty little pussy?
U fucking wif da ultimate! try fuck wif me!
God knowz ninja party properly!
Drinking all night, pissed in my pants plus my breath stinks!
I'm like a dog wif no legs, u'll find me where u left me

Still feeling fit!
Dis body's legit!
Shake what yor mama gave u baby!
Woop! woop! woop!
Hey sexy! sexy!
Woop! woop! woop!

Skud daai holle lelik!... shake dem asshole's ugly

Shoe! dis n asemrowende hol daai!... shoo! that there is one breathtaking
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