Cordilheira (Tradução)

Cordilheira (Tradução)
Clear day, life greening
Light through the clusters of yellow ipe
Has to see
You touched me without realizing it
You do not look at me
And I can not forget you
I believe in you
If illusion that God guide me
What does it do to deserve such a woman
Night at the window I want
Because you worship, always wait for you

For over a mountain range, the rainbow
My body trembles at the thought of her, frenzy
Want you,
Even to give you without return
I want quite
I love you so
Want you to me
Escada pro sin, love affair
Your lips as dreamed
They'll always be here
Waiting for a look that does
Day break
The sky is falling
Night close
And it makes my breath away

Moonlight I saw the blue lake
Give you
Moonlight I saw the blue lake
In a moment hid
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