Delírio Dos Mortais (Tradução)

Delírio Dos Mortais (Tradução)
Say what you want
But the infatuation of the people
It is the house of the Rio samba and love
The Redeemer
Praise the Rio
River Pra delirium of mortals
Monumental stones
Combined here
A colossal encounter
And outline of equal beauty
Never seen
With this power
Another city there
I can think of two
It is very easy to feel
The hand of God in everything
The river hits a ball
Girls that are taking place in the song
Everything is there
To those who know what is good
No one forgets the New Year
February and March
It is time for Carnival
The river that trait
It is the natural place
For things of love
The way you want
Size the splendor of the woman
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