Lobisomem (Tradução)

Lobisomem (Tradução)
For the cold wind began to beat
inner peace of cattle
careless fell from the sky one drop,
will rain
I am a lost animal
being cornered in a corner of the shelter
a werewolf
Adored distant dark night
where God is busted wondering:
oh That gives me pain to see the earth screw
tá no Indian, in Greek,
the skin of the world
stain poison of jealousy
watch everything without believing,
no more interest
live away from home and never thought about going back
watch it without seeing
I see nothing is worse
away from my beloved
neither God nor anything touch me
sad day, how many woes
where are you oh my love?
Who else can think of splendor
sad day, more pain
splendor that is gone
other woes
when I have love
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