Mea-Culpa (Tradução)

Mea-Culpa (Tradução)
I do not say
Whether it's a lost love
There remains the flame, but the time
To do the mea culpa is now
And display other data
Involving other results
With the blessing of forgiveness
Why not, why not?
Not botei faith
I never margin pra suffering
'm Aware, but every day
With the brand of melancholy
They are remembered!
And it is possible
That the desire to either fight
Please wrong without forgiveness
Those who do not, but who does not?
I do not know if my rival
Described as such
In their love affair
They did not do it
Thing to do
But I know the past
Come collect honey,
And this is such a cry
Living in the bar trying to alleviate
The pain of loneliness, without action
Just thinking about going back
A smile or cry
With life
What once seemed shallow and gray
It was bread, wine was, it was ground
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