Rindo A Toa (Tradução)

Rindo A Toa (Tradução)
I have it good
I'm here again
It does not leave
It does not move me
I'm sure
This is my place
Ah Ah

I have it good
'm Getting smarter
No longer wonder
If this is all right
Use this time to start
Ah Ah

It hurt, it hurt, now does not hurt
It hurts, it hurts
I cried, I cried
Now do not cry no more

Every hurt that I did
Is reason to celebrate
For if not suffer so
Had no reason to sing

There There There There There!
But I'm smiling
Not that life
Be so good
But a smile helps to improve
Ah Ah

And singing as well
It seems that time flies
How sad
More beautiful sounds
I appreciate being able to sing
Lalai Laiá Laiá Ie!

(Repeat the letter)