Vem Pra Bahia (Tradução)

Vem Pra Bahia (Tradução)
Come to the bay bay is a good, come to the bay is the bay
Very good (2x) seguraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Throw it up y'all go
Rocking and requebrando ate the corner! Look at the rattle making
Its chic, chic looks rattle chic, chic shake back home
Shake shake ball ball ball ball get a
Dance, move, shake shimmy make today a special day why not
Carnival olça the drumming that comes from the rattle, chic chic e
Also heart today is a special day, today is carnival I
Carnival said emtao comin 'comin' bahia bahia bahia that is
A good, come to the bay the bay is very good (2x) get one today
Day Special Why is Carnival olça the drumming coming from
Rattle, chic chic and also the heart today is a day
Especially, today is Mardi Gras carnival I said emtao comin '
Bahia bahia comin 'to the bay is a good, come to the bay a
Bahia is very good (4x)