No Compasso do Meu Mundo (Tradução)

No Compasso do Meu Mundo (Tradução)
The day was dawning pra shape bastos in the loins
A wind shaking the blade and fallen on the shoulders
Why this year's winter has settled here
But it takes so chew brings the Rio Grande itself

A bay gaviona and shied at the gate
But my gateado bragado asks the brake hose
And the sun looks out into the campaign like putting in a mate
And will peonar pra room to another day of confrontation

The spurs say goodbye and depart home side
Aquerenciadas the garrão boots barrel turned
For guard by some bails of rosettes filly
To tell the silence of the shed for another one

My gateado the bulk biting game of the brake
Paysandu will gnash the rest only if I dismount
Pras Camperado bringing back some more noise
Arrinconando the stirrups to the strong arms of parrots

Wind blows a couplet that asks the bush shelter
It seems like you lose a recalcitrant old dream
And I see this I just pra rural life
A lapwing singing and cattle licking salt

The armed retov goals which include bundles
And a pampa is sustained at around the clip
For the well read locked campereando the floodplain of the fund
And the day following the step in the compass of my world