Brincar De Esconder (Tradução)

Brincar De Esconder (Tradução)
I was ten and she
In the smiling children who took the time
We have tiny flowers that wilted
When the pain of the world with us joked

She was hiding, I was looking for
Among the foliage of green orchard
I was sure I did not lose
In this delightful game of hide

Happy I did not see the time pass
One day I waited and she did not come
When many people had been showing
In a white coffin put their body
They said she was hiding

I looked for it and never found
Only when I grew up I guess
She became a star in the sky
So high that I could never achieve

The fate because he entered the toy
And we did between the end game
Over the life of both hide
We both lost in the eternal orchard

The pain of the roots of our childhood
Killed the girl the color of life
There is only a mirage, the golden dream
Among the foliage over time
I could never play hide
João Paulo & Daniel8513005
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