Chovendo Em Meu Olhar (Tradução)

Chovendo Em Meu Olhar (Tradução)
Outside the sun is shining
While here it's raining in my eyes
Rain that wets the heart
And let all soaked in tears
Saudade is rain that does not pass
When passion is storm ever
I count the hours to see you
I make plans with you
But the truth is that I'm very impatient

And the heart demands
And you know
What did I lose you
Calls to ask for forgiveness
And the heart that knows what he wants
Not accept another woman
Does this loneliness

Vai heart
Go running after her
I know she is expecting
And who knows crying
Why is passion
Vai heart
If delivered at once to her
And send even the nostalgia of it
What's hurting you heart