Daniel Na Cova Dos Leões (Tradução)

Daniel Na Cova Dos Leões (Tradução)
That bitter taste of your body
It was in my mouth for longer
From then salt was bitter sweet
Once your smell strong and slow
He made home in my arms and still light
Forte, blind and tense made known
It was too little and much

Do my secret our most sincere
And challenge instinct dissonant
Insecurity does not attack me when error
And your point is to be my moment
And your fear of being afraid of being afraid
It makes my strength confusion
Your body is my mirror and you sail
And I know that your current direction has

But as sure as the mistake of being boat
The engine and insist on using the paddles
It is the evil that water makes when it drowns
And the lifeguard is not there because
We do not see