Mais Do Mesmo (Tradução)

Mais Do Mesmo (Tradução)
Hey white boy what you do here
Going up the hill to try to have fun
But I said no
And you still want more
Why do not you leave me alone?

None of these twenty years was made for me
And now you want me to be so like you
Really, how can I grow if anything grows here?
Who will take care of patients?
And when you slaughter of adolescents
How do you feel?

Instead of light is shooting at the end of the tunnel
Where most of it
That's not what you wanted to hear?

Goodness me explain her with such determination
Exactly what I feel, as I think and how I am
I really did not know I thought so
And now you want a picture of the country
But burned the film
And meanwhile, in the infirmary
All patients are singing popular hits
(and all the Indians were killed)