No Money, No Change, No Chance

No Money, No Change, No Chance
The people scrumbling
In the dead of the day
The hungry night
Eats the rest of the gray
The silence blowing
The blues away
Everywhere everybody
Is clamouring for some
But no money, no change,no chance
The odour of bodies
Are screaming out
The horror of bars
Are screaming out
The hologram
Of the people's mounth are saying the same old sentence
No money, no change, no chance
And in the secret garden
A secret dream
Of a secret lady
Who becomes a queen
She hears the sound of a fountain
That swallows a montain
And turns into a yard
And boys and girls in beggar's fashion
Have a big question
Do you need what we need?
And the queen says
No money, no change, no chance
And when the future passes
We'll be the rest
With the happiness
Of a double dose
We'll cry for nothing
We'll find out those
Who are really no things
And once showed us
That there's no money, no change, no chance.
Lobão - Cuidado
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