Uma Delicada Forma De Calor (Tradução)

Uma Delicada Forma De Calor (Tradução)
I remember
you have spoken
Something about me
And so today, it all comes out
And I seem to fall like a glove
Now, on a day when I cry
I'm pouring a lot more out there
Outside is just falling water
While inside, the rain falls

And as to what you told me
I remember smiling
Seeing you so serious
Try to frame me, if I am that
Or if I am that
And get angry, finding myself utterly impossible
And perhaps it is just that:
Raining inside
Unable out

I remember you control
Trying to explain
How can we be so much indefinable
So much different
Without knowing that the beauty of it all
It is sure of anything
And that might make life a little more attractive

And maybe, rain, gray
The fear, life, be like me
Or maybe because you are suddenly
Watching too much television

And as a god that can not be won before
Your eyes can not see
As a rain, sadly, can be a beauty
And the cold, a delicate way
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