Da Game Got Switched

Da Game Got Switched
I hate it when there's
Too many n*ggaz
Not enough hoes
Too many rookies
Not enough proes
Da game got switched on some Ludacris shiz
So all y'all can suck my di-ak
(Verse 1)
I got a whip like miricle
Ludacris lyrical
We dirty south
Shut yo mouth
We rock jewels
No hoes barber obey da block rules
C*ck tools
Put clorine in recker pools
Is there any one like ya
h*ll naw
I treat humans like students fail y'all
So turns ya books ta page 69 and start suckin
Orginize drop da track and start duckin
When Ludacris get in da bed start f*ckin
You wanna be startin somthin
Get out da booth
And let me tell y'all da truth
We kicks down doors
Save all da H2O
For front row
Live in da bank and watch for scank hoes
State called out and dat's out da off road
If you know what I mean
Proceed to state clean
Lights in a n*gga turn red but get green
Inhale some o dat dope o blow steam
Love tha combination big *ss in tight jeans!
(Verse 2)
Boy you o lost yo mind
No I lost my virginity
And I shot click like dat fool shot Kennendy
What's da remedy
If you cut all yo money you still be half broke
Ashes ta ashes smoke will get smoked
We come outta masses You come and get choked
If you take me for a fool I'll take you for a joke
Tired o fast foods so they cooked up dope
Now we eatin lobster, shrimp, and thangz
And watch for imposters dat's been in da game
We invented da game
Y'all just got hip
Man what'z dat smell proboly yo upper lip
See I love ta walk around like my sh*t don't stank
Even if it's cigars o dat purple colored dank
Chillin in da hood wit no trace a Tom Hanks
Put dis in yo jaw like weeners and beef franks!
(Verse 3)
I put too much sugar in my Kool,-aid
And party like a king witta high top blade
Arrive to a show and I like ta get paid
Arrive to a hoe and I like ta get laid
Right up on my backs
like rugs and floor mats
I'm on da right page but what's my format
I wave ta da ocean cause I'm where shore's at
And women go nuts just like my balzac
Did you know dat
Man I'm da gift of change
Electric stores gon gimmie da keys ta da Range
Shagadellic beutifull but strange
Went ta Magic City saw Nikki and blue flames
Same broad different night
Pastor E. and Jay'll letta n*gga right
Da ball-playin dude is on yo same flight
Da highlights dat I live a high *ss life!