PARECIDOS com Procol Harum

  • The Moody Blues

    The Moody Blues

    rhythm and blues

  • Atomic Rooster

    Atomic Rooster

    Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Rock, Classic Rock 70s

  • Traffic


    Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock, Arena Rock, Folk Rock Blues Rock Classic Rock Psychedelic Rock Rock Psychedelic

  • Renaissance


    Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Progressive, Female Vocalists Rock

  • Gentle Giant

    Gentle Giant

    Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Art Rock

  • Van Der Graaf Generator

    Van Der Graaf Generator

    Art Rock, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock

  • Curved Air

    Curved Air

    progressive rock, 70s, female vocalists, rock, classic rock,

  • Wishbone Ash

    Wishbone Ash

    Rock, rock progressivo.

  • The Nice

    The Nice

    Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Classic Rock Rock

  • Focus


    Progressive Rock , Classic Rock

  • Spooky Tooth

    Spooky Tooth

    Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, British Blues, Blues Rock Classic Rock Psychedelic Rock 60s Rock

  • Jethro Tull

    Jethro Tull

    Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Blues Rock, Arena Rock Classic Rock Folk Rock Rock Progressive

  • Caravan


    Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock, Canterbury, Canterbury Scene Rock Progressive

  • Barclay James Harvest

    Barclay James Harvest

    British Folk Rock, Progressive Rock, 70s, Classic Rock Rock British

  • Yes


    Rock progressivo, Rock sinfônico,Classic Rock, Rock

  • The Move

    The Move

    Psychedelic Pop, Rock & Roll, 60s, Psychedelic Psychedelic Rock Classic Rock Rock

  • Uriah Heep

    Uriah Heep

    Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal Rock 70s

  • Manfred Manns Earth Band
  • Argent


    Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, 70s, Rock British

  • The Byrds

    The Byrds

    Folk Rock Boogie Rock Pop Rock Country Rock

  • Cream


    blues, hard rock e rock psicodélico

  • Supertramp


    Pop Rock, Progressive Rock, Progressive Pop, Art Rock Piano Rock Classic Rock Rock 70s Pop

  • Nektar


    Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Space Rock Psychedelic

  • Camel


    Rock progressivo

  • Genesis


    progressive rock, classic rock, rock, 80s, progressive,

  • Family


    Blues Rock, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Rock Psychedelic Rock Spanish Indie Pop

  • Vanilla Fudge

    Vanilla Fudge

    Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Acid Rock Classic Rock Psychedelic 60s Rock

  • Eloy


    rock progressivo rock sinfônico space rock