Emotional Crime

Emotional Crime

I can't get through in the midnight hour
All you wanted is to scream and shout
Do me a favour, don't slam the door
Don't be coming around here any more
Tried to change my whole life, with a wave of your hand
I'm gonna tell you baby, so you'll understand
I'm tired and weary of a love gone cold
I'm sick and tired of doing what I'm told

Oh you're givin' me pain
Ya driving me out of my mind
It's emotional crime

Watch you get so crazy over little things
And I get nervous when the telephone rings
You try to chain me, but I won't be bound
It's only dirty love keeps me around
It's only your good love keeps me around

Oh you're ringing my bell
Oh my life is hell
Oh just killing time

Ya driving me out of my mind
I finally got through by the midnight hour
An' you still wanted to scream and shout
You can live your own life, let me live mine
You might be an angel but you ain't divine
Why don't you waste your own time
Don't waste mine
Tellin' you babe you ain't no friend of mine