Ninguém Mais (Tradução)

Ninguém Mais (Tradução)
My life , my love
My ground, my sky , my light
My reason for being
I came here today just to see you through

Need not look
For this poor heart
Just his shadow , and I can hug me
It would be enough for me

Nothing here deserves attention
But if one day you do not return
Leave some footprints
And someone will run

There is nothing , there is nothing equal
Nothing could keep me away from you
No, there is someone who makes me so well as you do
And there will never be

Make me the best I can be
There is no end , no return
Because only those who can fill my emptiness is you
You and nobody else

Here exude aromas of jasmine

In a letter he wrote
And now I keep right here
Every single thought of mine is a measure
Which have long decided to love you without reservation
All I have value , are my memories
If they depart , I leave in two

The nostalgia here is a loaded verse from windstorm

Solved from one day
Never lacked air