De Repente 1 (Tradução)

De Repente 1 (Tradução)
I looked, did not see (it) long
Ah! how long? I can not remember more
So, I thought that in life some time ago I left behind
Do not leave me alone, if not

Still within that time
In and out
Back, comes and goes without end

The time has passed?
The time has passed?
And now I know
What I've sung

I counted one thousand stars in the sky
Will shine, will then go
Cried the tears running like in crystals
Fire pagans of stained glass

There is loneliness
Love and desire life that has not hands
But vai inside us
How explosion in the air, like a hurricane at sea
Suddenly you're back so

I need more, I need?
I need more, I need?