The Theory Of Relativity

The Theory Of Relativity

Set your mind on wide, fall apart before they catch you baby,
and never be just what they want you to be.
Now that you've grown so wise, use that head and stop to think a little.
Just 'cause you're crazy doesn't mean that you're free.

Back in lame grade 10 I was a total devastator, baby
Down in the schoolyard they all fell to their knees
But it can't be 93, sadly 'cuz I wish it could forever
You call it luck I call it tragedy

What would you say if I fell apart?
Could you bring me back?
What would you say if I fell apart?
Could you bring me back?

We got a rock DJ, we got a total fucking alcoholic,
We got a thing they call a cybergirl
A warm ovation please for the dude who sold us ecstasy,
He's building homes out in the new third world

The snow just keeps on falling in Hawaii and all stations west
Find someone close and and hold them like you care
this is a race to the end and i don't intend to win it, baby. you go ahead, i'm gonna meet you there...

D.A.D. used to talk of relativity,
That was way back when everyone was scared
Now that we're deep inside the wires, there's a place to hide;
you can do things they would have never dared... so don't be scared...