Looks Like Rain

Looks Like Rain
Lightning flashes when you glance
I'm thunderstruck walk in slow motion
Ran a hand on a rainy railing
Cats and dogs falling but kept on walking

Head afloat like a paper boat
Gliding through puddles of rippling rainbows
the gray sky can't dampen my spirit

Lightning flashes fluttering eyelashes
The pitter patter of the rain echoes in my chest
Heart is racing shoes are squshing as feet hasten

Swin against the flood of the people in the street,
Tried to keep up with your pace
but you just slipped away
With the tear down my cheek

Drops come through small holes in the sky
Sound of a thousand fingers tapping as I wave goodbye

Drops come through small holes in my eyes
Sound of a thousand heartbeats stopping as I wave goodbye