Got it Made
Theres no time for a suitcase
Just grab a quick
change of clothes.
You ask where we're going now honey.
Well, id tell ya but nobody knows.
So sneak out the back door
cuz you know they'll try to make you stay.
Make sure you gotta a [sic] seatbelt on
cuz were [sic] heading for the interstate.

We're having the best time living the fast life
Thinking were [sic] just too young to die
Ain't waiting for next time to see all the Bright lights,
to see it all.
We'll drive in the fast lane out on the freeway
tell us to slow down starts a car chase.
As long as we've got each other we've
got it made.

Pulled over to the side of the road
Going skinny dipping in the dark.
Must've left the radio on
We had to push the car to get it to start
Cruising down on sunset.
Then went racing up Mohulland [sic] drive.
There we stopped at the world
oh, I never felt so alive

-- CHORUS --

Now we're running on empty
we've got no place to go
We've been sleeping in the back seat
Just waiting for the sun to show
Low on cash, the tape deck's broke
Thinking of heading home
But I can tell by the smile on your face
That we've still got miles to go.

we've got it made
we've got it made

Theory Of A Deadman - Scars And Souvenirs
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