Do you know how it feels to be standing
Alone, with the weight of the world
Pressing down on you hard.
On chance to choke the pain gained,
By the things that you say, by
The games that you play.
From this moment I stand amazed, the
Question still remains. How you choose
To behave, what you make of your lifetime.

Let those feelings leave, I know that life's
Been tough. Be aware of what you've got.

Stay, stay with me, take me home
Don't let me go. Stay, stay here with
Me, where our souls will be free.

Lay down your principles and pray to your
God of emptiness, like a last stroke of
Consciousness, an attempt to be brave
And to reach expectations.
Your time has come, cherish all your loved
Ones in this bleak hour. Cause I know
They'll be leaving you one by one.

When the darkest clouds gone by
May light shine upon you.
Trail of Tears - Oscillation
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