Nós Somos o Amanhã (Tradução)

Nós Somos o Amanhã (Tradução)
It's kids
Surely, you are tomorrow
How nice that we're together today
I wish I could provide
A world so beautiful
With the love of you for me

Hey, look at me
Hey, I'm here
For you I'm your breath
Bit of affection
Hey, save me
My dream mirim
As beautiful as the moon
Hope mine and yours
Attention young passengers
Let us fly the whole world
Spread the planet earth our love
Guardian of our shenanigans
Champion of our adventures
This ship, we go with you wherever you go

We are tomorrow
In a flying saucer
Open heart, the seed of love
We are tomorrow
In a flying saucer
Invading the land on the computer screen

There, There, There, There, There
There, There, There, There, There,
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