Tá Tudo Mudando (Tradução)

Tá Tudo Mudando (Tradução)

It is not just the dream or vision
Neither the symbolic brightness of your eyes
Tending everything shakes me
How can I still target
To still the beating of the wing
Home with her you'll be happy

Today what really counts is to have passion
In all that is practiced in this walk
Leave what happened to other waters
Wounds that will take the feeling
To cross the abyss of freedom
There will be improved and be happier

I do not want that thought
Sorry, but I learned that you can win
I think that happiness can not imagine
Seeing as you can learn to live

No more best friend
Not the shade you need to light
The curtain goes up much more of your destination
Fine, but so hard to spend
Let's imagine, as did John Lennon
I'm not the only one who can dream of