A Saudade É Uma Pedra (Ao Vivo (Tradução)

A Saudade É Uma Pedra (Ao Vivo (Tradução)
Cold night
And here I am on the street
Drowning his sorrows
Eyes shallow water
In his longing
I'm killing time
Ando for souvenirs
Passion absurd
This love does not change
It's for life

I tried calling, ask for forgiveness
You seek, knock
Heart's in the choke
And my body does not
Another night without your lap
Without your kisses, your heat

Fight with loneliness
I give a macho, hard fall
But deep in my chest
Nostalgia is a stone
What hurts, it hurts the soul
And the remedy is your love

No disguises
Nobody hides what the heart reveals
But that passion bandit!
Is not this a drug
There I cry for her

Zezé Di Camargo e Luciano82374
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