Diz Pro Meu Olhar (Ao Vivo) (Tradução)

Diz Pro Meu Olhar (Ao Vivo) (Tradução)
How many times silently wished away here
Fetch my dreams in another way
And to open the door to get out hit me
In the streets I was more alone

I've slept in other arms but I could not forget you
My heart was burning ember done
Like a nightmare to live away from you
And that's why I went back to our house

Longing every night I cried

I will not leave
Ah Ah Ah Ah
Another love so hurt me
Says to my eyes
Si will forgive me

When I think of us
I feel angry for what I did
The memories it comes to water my smile
All I ever wanted
It was close and I did not
Hell do you see the paradise
Today I know everything I want
And what I need

Zezé Di Camargo e Luciano82215
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