Fala Sério (Tradução)

Fala Sério (Tradução)
Come on
He says it was all a joke
Tell me if it was heart
And who said all those things
That way but deep down, did not mean

No! No!
It will not give more breathing
Not much more to open their eyes to wake up
No, you remember how many times we laughed together
Or discussed by millions of subjects
The times that we fight without knowing why
Dogfights love
Trying to avoid
Just made it happen

What's going on now?
It tells the truth, if you miss
For what mystery, binds, fine!

Come on
Sing the song: I offer thee
She says it was me that you did
Or you let me go
Forever in that dream
Or kill me once


Zezé Di Camargo e Luciano82146
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