Foi Só Engano (Ao Vivo) (Tradução)

Foi Só Engano (Ao Vivo) (Tradução)
It was only mistake (live)
Letra: Cesar Augusto - Luiz Antônio - Cecilio Nena
Publisher: Warner / Chappell

Good for you better for me
One day only I have forgotten
From the sound of your voice, what's left of us

Dawned the sun rose
Without solitude in the heart
Have you been behind Do, goodbye and never

Were just words in the heat of passion
Promises that do not let dreams in their hearts
No one around
Love little time is best forgotten
It is fire that burns not only helps to live
Never the right

You and me, was pure pleasure
For what say I love you and love you
It happened but it did not count
It was not cheating

Zezé Di Camargo e Luciano82242
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