Nunca Mais Ficar Sozinho (Tradução)

Nunca Mais Ficar Sozinho (Tradução)
Since the first time I saw you
Something told me
What my quest to live a great love would end
The time was teaching me to know
Your good side and its defects
And even with differences, you wanted anyway
I lost count of the passions and loves that I lived
Smiles, successes and failures
And the lies I've heard
And now I found you

Who gave a direction in my life
Helping me to be happy
It made me step on land
Our love took root
Girl, listen to what I'll tell

My heart is too small
Pra fit a love so great that way
And you're making me forget
The pain I had in my chest
My passion found in you
Thousand reasons to never be alone
Loneliness is a stone that I will not again in my way

Zezé Di Camargo e Luciano82404
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