Saudade De Nós Dois (Tradução)

Saudade De Nós Dois (Tradução)
I'll confess
This time is difficult to believe
Can you see, to realize in his eyes
Again promises loose the air
I'm here with my whole heart
To face any madness
But I am tired of traveling
In their vows
And now I want to step on dry land
Will be
I will not get past the page of history
Breaking head scouring the memory
An old dream
Still wet my eyes
And so I go on living
Te winning and losing you
In the emotion still love you
The reason I'm forgetting
And this doubt that it hurts
Every time increases
I'm a sinking ship
Unable to return to the dock

And so I go on living
Not knowing what to do
What will give my life
What will be next
I need to forget
But deep down I am
Dying of nostalgia
Two of us

Zezé Di Camargo e Luciano82437
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