Você Mudou Demais (Tradução)

Você Mudou Demais (Tradução)
Already changed the color of their hair
Or tell me of your dreams
Do not tell me secrets
Does not divide over their fears
Do not even say goodnight
Neither calls me to bed
I sometimes ask what a kiss
Control my desires
Waiting for a hug
To cure my tiredness
And affection on my face
I do not know how long it

I see our love slipping away
And he stayed with us
This longing
I sense that slowly you
Will I lose

No matter who it was
If I'm wrong, who is at fault
If you have been afraid to love
If it was the fault of love
Check it back to me
Because life as well
Has become lonely

Were too many dreams
So many nights alike
And I want to love you
Without being able to touch you
Check it back to me
Do not want that
Seeing our passion
Escaping from the heart

Zezé Di Camargo e Luciano82206
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